Legal Assistance Needed

The CoFiA Wage Theft committee is working hard to try to resolve several cases where workers have been cheated out of promised wages by local employers.  Current cases involve companies in Bayonne, Leonia, and Hackensack.  Some employers are giving bad checks to the workers, who are then charged a fee by the bank when they try to deposit the check.  Although passing bad checks is clearly a criminal offense, so far the committee has not been able to find a way to press charges against the employers

These cases can be very complicated .  The committee is looking for lawyers experienced in wage  theft issues, as well as bankruptcy and bad check litigation, to assist in this effort.

If you want to help or have suggestions of lawyers who are willing to assist, send us an email at



3 thoughts on “Legal Assistance Needed

  1. Good article! It is important to publish items that grow awareness. Hopefully this will lead to a reduction of wage theft incidents. It is important that workers report it as soon as it occurs that it becomes known, that other workers are informed, and that appropriate legal action can begin with the goal of recovering lost wages.

  2. Just wondered if it wouild be helpful to let readers know that taxes are paid on the money the workers earn…so we all miss out when they are cheated.

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