Workers respond to neighbors’ need for help after storm

The recent freak October snow storm left many Bergen County residents needing people to help clean up their properties.  Workers from the CoFiA Workers’ Link program turned out in large numbers to lend willing hands and strong backs. One employer came to the Monday lunch program and asked for help–and by that afternoon the job was done!


She wrote:  “I was so pleased with Mr. S.  He was very quiet but worked slowly and steadily and made a miracle out of the chaos of my property.  He worked all afternoon, and I paid him for the time and a little for dinner. He seemed very pleased.  I drove him home–he lives very close to me.  I took his telephone number and will call him as the leaves continue to fall and I need his service.  I would heartily recommend him.  He is young, clean, quiet, and understands much better than he can respond.  I believe him to be reliable.  He wants to work!  I will call him soon to help me again.  He was terrific!”


To request a worker call CoFiA at 201-598-2253 or fill out the form on this web site.

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