Wage Theft continues as big problem for workers

The Wage Theft committee of the Community of Friends in Action, Inc. (CoFiA) continues to receive ongoing complaints from workers about wages that have been earned but not paid.  In one particularly difficult case, a Leonia-based contractor owes several workers thousands of dollars.  Even though the committee and the workers have met with him repeatedly and he has signed an agreement to pay them on a regular schedule, only one of these payment agreements has been fulfilled.  In addition, an earlier payment was made with bad checks, for which the workers were charged a bank fee when they tried to deposit them.

Another current situation involves a young woman whose employer refused to pay her wages for a particular period, and then fired her.  The committee is seeking a meeting with the employer, an employee of a well-known local firm, to attempt to find a resolution.

Many other cases have been brought to the CoFiA committee, which would welcome volunteers to help with finding resolutions.

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