Video now available for purchase

The video “Why I Am Here,” produced by the Community of Friends in Action, Inc., and Grupo Ella Tu, is now available for purchase.

Orders may be made by:

telephone: 201-833-1737
or mail:
Community of Friends in Action, Inc.
50 Golf Court, Teaneck, NJ 07666.
Please enclose a check for $15 for each video ordered.

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Special screenings featuring the videographer, Juan Pablo Morales Estrada, and the subject, “Mr. Garcia,” may also be arranged by calling 201-833-1737.  Several weeks notice is usually required.  To screen the video, the organization needs to have a digital projector with audio, and a good screen; or a good-sized television with a dvd player.

“Why I Am Here” tells the story of “Mr. Garcia,” a Guatemalan immigrant.  It combines interviews with Mr. Garcia with scenes of his home and family in Guatemala, describing why circumstances including the Guatemalan civil war and the economic devastation caused by the Central American Free Trade Agreement forced him to come to the U.S. to try to find work to help support his family.  Information on the involvement of the United States and U.S. business, especially the United Fruit Company, is juxtaposed with archival and live footage of life in Guatemala over the past several decades.

Audiences are encouraged to consider current U.S. immigration policy and ways in which it needs to be reformed to benefit all of us.

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