Workers’ Link program has new fans!

We recently received this nice testimonial from a householder in Leonia:  “I needed a small job done–moving some very heavy furtniture upstairs.  I called the Community of Friends in Action yesterday, and this morning two able, careful, really lovely men showed up as promised and did the job beautifully!  A great resource for us all.”

And from Teaneck:  “Thanks to the Community of Friends I can count on reliable, competent assistance from a Workers Link person whenever I need help.  He does many things–cleans gutters, washes windows, trims the bushes, paints–whatever I need to have done!  It is a pleasure to have him here.  The work he is doing in the U.S. is giving his children in Guatemala opportunities he never had–completing their public school education, going to university, training to be teachers!”

For more information or to request help call CoFiA at 201-598-2253.



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