CoFiA member Dr. Hung-en Sung publishes article on wage theft

Professor Hung-En Sung, Ph.D., of the Department of Criminal Justice of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, will have an excellent article on wage theft published in Outside Justice: The Criminalization of Immigrants in Policy and Practice (Springer).  The article, “Tyrannizing Strangers for Profit: Wage Theft, Cross-Border Migrant Workers, and the Politics of Exclusion in an Era of Global Economic Integration” is based on research done in Palisades Park, using survey data collected from 160 day laborers.

Dr. Sung cites CoFiA as one of several organizations that are working to assist the laborers.

The article concludes that “incoherent immigration legislation without a vision of a good society generates unintended consequences that derail law and order and distort labor markets.  It is time to bring rationality and morality back to our immigration practices.”

Pre-publication copies of the article will be available at the CoFiA annual meeting on December 13, 2012, at 6:00 p.m. at the Presbyterian Church in Leonia.



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