Lunch Program resumes November 18, 2013

Lunch program with health dept004

Lunch program with health dept008

Pastor Blair and staff members Elias and Angelica announce the grant at the lunch program

As the cold weather sets in, members and friends of CoFiA are preparing to resume the weekly lunch program at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Palisades Park. This popular offering helps the workers get through the tough cold months when there is little work. Volunteers prepare a hot meal and coffee, and the Palisades Park Bakery provides delicious baked goods.

The Palisades Park Health Department has already asked our staff person, Angelica, when the program will start again because they are ready to provide free flu shots, blood pressure screening, and other services to the workers. The Health Officer thanked her for our work with the men.

Staff member Elias Garcia is planning the programs that will be presented to the lunch guests. In the past information on OSHA training, ESL, the consular I.D. program, Alcoholics Anonymous, and other topic important to the workers have been offered, as well as entertaining films and videos, and some surprise guest speakers, including the Guatemalan consul and a mayor from Guatemala.

CoFiA is grateful to the members and staff of Grace Lutheran Church for their continuing hospitality.

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