“Leafblowers” — a Poem

CoFiA member Ellie Spiegel recently sent this poem. She says:

Fred Stern, a Leonian who is well known to many of us died this past week. Rachel, his wife, phoned us immediately to give us Fred’s warm clothes because she thought the men could use them.
Fred was also a poet, often reading at “Leonia Reads.” Following is one of his poems that I am sure you all will appreciate. It is entitled, “Leafblowers”

The whine of the motor follows us throughout our day.
When there are no leaves to blow
They blow tired gravel,
Oblivious, their thoughts in Salvador
Seeing wives and children
Helpless in their huts waiting for checks
To buy salt, sugar, the pungent smell of goats.

Leaves float on senseless trucks
Condemned to endless shredding.
When the snows come
Where will the men shiver
What will they eat?

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