Plainfield Program offering ID cards

Undocumented residents of Plainfield can now receive ID cards that are honored by the city’s police department as well as schools, libraries and pools.  In addition, local hospitals and health clinics will accept the cards, as well as PNC and Bank of America branches in the city.


The initiative is the brain child of  the organization Angels for Action.  Its co-founder, Carmen Salavarrieta, says the program has distributed some ID cards to Plainfield residents, and there are another 2000 on the waiting list.  Angels for Action estimates that Hispanics make up more than 50 percent of Plainfield’s population.


Outgoing Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs said that she hopes the program continues after her term ends.  “As mayor, I am in favor of any program that’s positive for the people of Plainfield.  This appears to be totally positive.”


Adapted from “Plainfield program offering ID cards to undocumented residents is off to fast start,” by Tom Wright-Piersanti/The Star-Ledger, January 5, 2014

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