Dr. Hung-en Sung to speak at Pal Park library in June


CoFiA member Dr. Hung-en Sung will discuss the problem of wage theft at a seminar at the Palisades Park library on June 6, 2014, at 7:30. Dr. Sung, a Professor of Criminal Justice at John Jay College, recently completed a research project based on interviews with 280 workers in Palisades Park. The results of the research were published as a chapter entitled, “Tyrannizing Strangers for Profit: Wage Theft, Cross-Border Migrant Workers, and the Politics of Exclusion in an Era of Global Economic Integration,” in OUTSIDE JUSTICE: IMMIGRATION AND THE CRIMINALIZING IMPACT OF CHANGING POLICY AND PRACTICE (Springer, 2013).

CoFiA has long been concerned about almost universal reports of wage theft among the workers we know. Dr. Sung’s research adds hard statistics and interpretation to what we have learned anecdotally. As he points out, our current immigration policy not only allows but encourages the rampant exploitation of workers–and effectively prevents them from having any recourse to gain justice, on their own.

The session is free and open to the public. For more information send an email to us at info@communityoffriendsinaction.org.

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