End of season lunch at Vitale’s

IMG_1344The wage theft committee participated in the lunch

After a busy season from November to April, the volunteers who participate in the CoFiA Monday Lunch program gathered at Vitale’s Restaurant in Teaneck for a well-deserved thank-you lunch. This is a faithful group that turns up in almost any weather to be sure workers have a warm meal and a place to relax at least once a week in the worst weather. At this year’s end-of-season lunch the volunteers were joined by members of the hard-working Wage Theft committee. Due to their energy and determination the committee has been able to collect unpaid wages for many people. Most recently, an $8000 claim was recognized as valid by the Department of Labor, and the committee was able to work out a payment schedule with the contractor. Without people like those on this committee, there would be no recourse for many who have been cheated of their pay.

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