Another worker collects unpaid wages

The wage theft committee is happy to report that there was a successful outcome to yet another incident of wage theft from one of the workers. Mr. A. contacted us to report that he had been cheated out of almost a full week’s wages, and threatened with retribution if he complained (“We’ll call the police, we’ll call ICE, if you tell anyone.”) He had excellent records, including a paper signed by the manager acknowledging that she owed him the money and had, in fact, made one small payment on it already.

When we called her to our surprise she readily admitted that she did owe the money, and arranged to meet us in a parking lot. We waited and waited but for nothing. Several more such arrangements were made but in each case the manager failed to show. She began to call the worker persistently, but he

Angelica advises workers at a lunch program on wage theft issues
Angelica advises workers at a lunch program on wage theft issues
was afraid to go alone to try to collect the money because of the threats they had made.

Finally the manager agreed to bring the money, in cash, to us and did come at the agreed on time and paid in full. And even left her card inviting us to contact her if we needed cleaning services! One very happy worker and satisfied committee members. Patience and persistence paid off this time.

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