Save the Date–October 18, 2014–“La Fiesta”

La Fiesta 2013
La Fiesta 2013

The annual CoFiA fundraiser, LA FIESTA, will be held on Saturday, October 18, at the Legion Hall in Leonia. The band, Still Standing, is returning by popular demand, and there will be lots of other music, food, and great conversation–plus a special premier of a new piece written and sung by a CoFiA member.

The event is also a great time to get a head start on holiday or other shopping. Once again Grupo Cajola will offer special handwoven items created by residents of Cajola, Guatemala–providing a unique opportunity to fulfill our commitment to helping Guatemaltecans improve their economic situation, as well as offering our friends and relatives a tactile experience of the culture of Guatemala.

Grupo Cajola brought beautiful hand-woven goods to our events
Grupo Cajola brought beautiful hand-woven goods to our events

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