CoFiA supports man being detained

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Map of U.S. Immigration Detention Centers courtesy Detention Watch Network ( In addition to the Elizabeth Detention Center there are detention units in county jails in Bergen and Essex County and three other jails in New Jersey.

Elias Garcia recently brought to our attention a Guatemalan man (Mr. E.) who is being held at the Elizabeth Detention Center. He lives in Hudson County, has a good job, and is the father of three American children. His wife is just barely scraping by and will lose their home soon if she is unable to pay the rent. Her father, who was detained along with Mr. E., agreed to be deported.

The offenses of which Mr. E. is accused are immigration violations, not crimes (immigration violations are civil offenses, like not stopping for a stop sign). Mr. E. is fearful for his personal safety if he is sent back, and he also needs to support his family here. So he is fighting the deportation order and requesting a stay of removal.

The CoFiA Board agreed to send a letter to ICE on his behalf supporting his request. Letters from individuals are also welcome. For more information call Margaret (201-833-1737; English) or Elias (201-362-3928; Spanish).

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