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Guatemalan Float with MIGUA and CoFiA banners
Float in Hispanic Day parade with MIGUA and CoFiA banners.

The Friday, November 14, 2014, RECORD published a long article, “Deportation shield expected,”in which a member of CoFiA was quoted as saying, “I’m hopeful because it’s too depressing not to be.”

The article is by Monsy Alvarado, a staff writer, who publishes frequently on immigration issues. She quotes a White House official as saying that the president has not made a decision regarding the specific measures he will take to fix the nation’s immigration system. But according to the Associated Press, 5 million immigrants living the the country illegally could benefit from a series of executive actions that would shield immigrants from deportation.

Elias Garcia, who helps CoFiA and is also the treasurer of MIGUA, a national organization that helps Guatemalan immigrants living in the United States, said he hopes something will come of it but that he has heard the same rhetoric from elected officials before but nothing has come of it.

If the changes it is reported that Mr. Obama is considering do become a reality, it would be a great benefit to many of our friends who have been here for many years and have American-born children.

It is important for all of us to be on the lookout for people who want to exploit the rumors, especially lawyers and notarios who advise immigrants that they can help them get citizenship although there is no such possibility.

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