Another Wage Recovery Success

Mark Rubinsky and clients Mar 8 2015 DSC_0689
Mark Rubinsky and happy workers, Dunkin’ Donuts

CoFiA’s wage-recovery team can claim yet another success, as we settled on March 8, 2015, for two workers. It was one of those rare wage-recovery cases that reveal some of the positive sides of human nature. Our friends worked for a subcontractor aligned with a New-Jersey-based demolition company. The subcontractor billed the company for the work, but failed to pay the men. When the case came to us, all we had was the subcontractor’s first name and telephone number. The subcontractor was uncooperative–so we shifted our detective skills into high gear. If the subcontractor wouldn’t help, could anyone else? We managed to identify a job foreman, who in turn identified the chief contractor. The chief contractor was horrified when we called. “That’s NOT the way we do business!” he told us. The contractor very honorably agreed to pay up–and to settle separately with the subcontractor. The checks arrived, and we cashed them for the workers, and met them for coffee and delivery of the money at our ‘branch office’–the Local Dunkin Donuts.

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