News from Grupo Cajola

March, 2015, newsletter

Our friends at Grupo Cajolá have very exciting news in their recent newsletters. (See the March, 2015, letter, above.) In the April letter, they tell us that the Egg Farm sold more than 30,000 eggs last month. With 1300 hens laying nearly 1200 eggs each day, the women who are the owners of the Egg Farm were able to satisfy demand for eggs for holy week—for the very first time. This economic enterprise, like the other projects that Grupo Cajolá supports, has taken a long time to get established and has had to over come many mishaps and crises. But they are finally approaching their goal of establishing economic enterprises that will help residents stay at home with their families rather than making the dangerous trek to the United States.

For information about some of the other projects, go to We are grateful that Caryn Maxim supports the work of CoFiA and regularly brings woven goods from Cajolá to sell at our various events, and splits the profits with us. This year she reported that sales and interest were especially good at our spring concert!


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