ESL celebrates a successful year

For several years CoFiA has offered a free ESL class for Spanish speakers every Tuesday night between September and June at the Palisades Park public library. This year there were three groups–beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Even though the languages of instruction were Spanish and English, the beginners section became very diverse, with students whose primary language was Syrian, Korean, and others. A challenge for our beginners’teacher, Betty DeMarco. Fortunately, Betty is a professional ESL teacher and has many ideas and lots of energy.

Members of the intermediate group have studied together for several years and the class is a social event for both teachers and students. The advanced students and teacher have been together even longer–probably 13 years! They are often called on to translate at CoFiA meetings and when we receive calls we need help with.

The class will resume after Labor Day.

We celebrated the end of the year with a party

Former teacher Carmita Fong dropped by
Beginners with teacher Betty DeMarco
The beginners class with teacher Betty DeMarco
Librarian Sujeli Contreras joined us for the party

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