CoFiA invited to participate in Palisades Park Health Fair

At last year’s fair–Margaret White, Kelly Coloma, CoFiA Vice-Chair Roni Coloma, and Elizabeth Coloma.

The annual Palisades Park Health Fair will be held on Saturday, September 26, 2015, from 10 – 6 and CoFiA has been invited to have a table. Caryn Maxim, of Grupo Cajola, will provide hand woven pulseras (bracelets) that we will give to the children who attend. In addition she is donating one of the lovely hand made aprons that the weavers in Cajola make.

Volunteers are welcome to help staff the table. A good way to see the Palisades Park community in action!

3 thoughts on “CoFiA invited to participate in Palisades Park Health Fair

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