Bring SOS materials to CoFiA meeting, December 4, 2015



First Friends of NJ & NY is holding its annual “Stamp Out Despair” campaign gathering stamped envelopes, writing paper, and funds for phone cards for immigrants being held in detention in the New York metropolitan area. CoFiA encourages our members and friends to support this effort.

Over 2000 immigrants are held in immigration detention in the New York area. These people are not criminals. Their only offense is being in this country without papers—a civil offense, like having a parking ticket or jumping a turnstile. They are held in these “detention centers” while they wait for some resolution of their immigration status—sometimes for weeks or months.

A major concern is to be in contact with family and friends. They often do not have money to purchase stationery, stamped envelopes or phone cards.

First Friends is asking us to collect the following:
*blank 2 pocket folders
*First class “Forever” postage stamps and global forever stamps
*Writing paper and colored paper
*Large and small envelopes
*Personalized notes of encouragement addressed ‘Dear Friend’

Monetary donations for the purchase of phone cards ($28.75 each) are also welcome, checks payable to First Friends of NJ & NY.

Any of these may be brought to the CoFiA Annual Meeting on Friday, December 4, 2015, at the Presbyterian Church in Leonia, 181 Fort Lee Road, Leonia

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