CoFiA offers Know Your Rights programs

Brian Lozano
Angelica Martinez, lunch program hostess

CoFiA is offering programs on KNOW YOUR RIGHTS during the regular Monday lunches, organized by Sayda Tuanama, Margaret White, and Elias Garcia. On January 11, Brian Lozano of Wind of the Spirit, offered a useful overview of what to do if ICE comes to your door. On February 8, Alex Goncalves-Pena of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSCF) will discuss with the workers some of the legal issues involved in the current series of raids on immigrant communities. She is the supervising attorney in the Newark AFSC office and will have specific up-to-the-minute advice.

People in the immigrant community are terrified of the possible impact of the latest series of raids. We have not yet heard of any families in our area that have directly been affected, but rumors are rampant, and the fear is powerful.

The lunch program is open to anyone. Presentations are made in Spanish but if there are English-only speakers who want to understand what is going on some of our talented bilingual members can translate.

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