Attorney presents Know Your Rights program

Know Your Rights 2.8.16
Attorney Goncalves-Pena does a role play with luncheon guests

Many immigrants are living in fear of raids being carried out by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).  Attorney Alex Goncalves-Pena from the American Friends Service Committee recently spoke to the workers at one of the Monday lunches about what rights we all have if ICE or the police come to the door.

In the photo Alex is leading a role play with lunch guests on how to respond if there is that dreaded knock on the door late at night or early in the morning.  She warned that it may not be clear who the agents are; sometimes they say “police”and may be dressed like police and even pretend to be police when someone comes to the door. They may knock loudly, use force or intimidation to enter the home, show their weapons, and even return multiple times to intimidate the residents.

Alex advised the lunch guests to stay calm and polite, tell the truth, ask the officers for ID and where they work, and ask them to slip a warrant under the door. If they do not have a warrant the person does not have to open the door.

Raids are said to be carried out at homes, places of business, at bus stops, or on the street.  People who feel at risk of such raids need to be prepared with plans, such as knowing contact information for lawyers, people to take care of children, and having all necessary documents in one accessible place.

If a person sees someone being arrested, it is ok to call CoFiA to ask for help.  201-598-2253.

English language notes on the session provided by Effie Giraldo.  Thanks!




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