In Memoriam



CoFiA is sad to announce that one of our day laborer friends died recently in Palisades Park.  He had been homeless for some time, and was ill.  Angelica had just recently helped him buy some medicine.  But the combination of homelessness, illness and alcoholism was too much.

Unfortunately this is a too common problem among a few of the men.  Work is slow in the winter, and expenses get ahead of them.  Alcohol may be seen as the only escape.  Of course this is a disastrous road to take.

CoFiA is inviting people who would like to help with the expense of sending the body home to Guatemala to send a check, payable to The Community of Friends in Action, with “Funeral Expenses” on the memo line to us at P.O. Box 313, Leonia, New Jersey, 07605-0313.  Angelica will see that the money goes directly to the family.  The Guatemalan community is also raising money.


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