National March for Water, Mother Earth in Guatemala

I March for water

Members of nearly 80 organizations that make up the Social and People’s Assembly have been marching since April 11, 2016, for Water, Mother Earth, the Land and Life in Guatemala. The purpose of the marchers is to denounce pollution, the diversion of rivers, the negative impact on the marine ecosystem and the misappropriation of water by large companies dedicated to monoculture, production of soft drinks (among them Coca Cola), bottled water, hydroelectric, mining and tourism

They also demand the state to recover the waters contaminated by the actions of extractive industries or damaged by the expansion of sugar cane plantations, oil palm, rubber, coffee and other industries. These extractive industries in Guatemala represent the main cause of forced displacement.

These protests in Guatemala are occurring at the same time the U.S. is trying to deport thousands of people who have suffered this displacement and have come to the U.S. trying to find work that will allow them to support their families back home. Many U.S. politicians are promoting anti-immigrant positions in their campaigns.

Based in part on articles in Prensa Latina News Agency, the Peasant Unity Committee web site, and other sources

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