The March for Water Continues

Marchers on their way to the capital

Guatemalans from all around the country continue their long walk to Guatemala City where they will denounce pollution, the diversion of rivers, the negative impact on the marine ecosystem and the misappropriation of water by large companies dedicated to monoculture, production of soft drinks, bottled water, hydroelectric power, mining and tourism.  The March for Water, Mother Earth, Land and Life takes place at a time marked by criminalization, persecution and prosecution of community leaders in the legitimate defense of human rights of their peoples.

Water is surely a human right, yet all over the world this right is being attacked by coalitions of big business and big government.  We in the U.S. can learn from the marchers–indigenous people who have been abused for generations, but who still gather the strength to organize and defend themselves.

The Marchers aim to come together in Guatemala City on April 22, 2016

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