Talento Juvenil

Talento Juvenil, August, 2016
Talento Juvenil, August, 2016

Our multicultural Fiesta Justicia/Party for Justice features three bands playing very different styles of American music. In addition to the rock-and-roll Still Standing group and Marimba Maria Bonita, we will feature a new group, Talento Juvenil. Talento Juvenil, organized by CoFiA member Joselino Chocoj, plays various styles of Mexican music, including duranguense, which is closely related to banda and norteno. In addition to the more traditional sax, trombone, and bass drum, duranguense incorporates synthesizers. Members are Juan Antonio Martin, Jose Manuel Martin, Sergio Cana Soto, Jose Amibzar Jacobo, Vicente De La Cruz, Benjamin Rodriguez, and Joselino Chocoj.

CoFiA members and friends are familiar with Joselino Chocoj who was the organizer of a traditional Guatemalan dance group, and is also a singer, song-writer, and guitar player. We are pleased that he is sharing this most recent endeavor, which provides opportunities for performance to a group of young people.

Joselino Chocoj entertained
Joselino Chocoj

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