Grupo Cajola publishes new video

Our friends at Grupo Cajola have just published a wonderful new video describing their work.

Grupo Cajola is an organization based in Cajola, Guatemala and Morristown, New Jersey, that is committed to creating economic opportunities in Guatemala that will enable more residents to remain at home with their families. Over the past few years the organization has created a chicken and egg factory, a weaving cooperative, a carpentry shop that supports the weavers, a beekeeping operation, and a preschool that is based on Mam culture. Many of the workers are women, who are eager to learn skills and earn enough money that some of the men who have had to leave Guatemala may return home. It is a long, hard struggle, but there are many successes, which are depicted beautifully in the video.

Grupo Cajola is a long-time friend of CoFiA, contributing generously to our annual Fiesta and helping us learn more about the conditions in Guatemala that may have driven the workers we see in Palisades Park to come to the U.S. To learn more about the organization, go to

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