Winter Campaign Update–“Add a Zero!

CoFiA bumper stickers

We are thrilled to report that our winter fund-raising campaign is going well. Our Anonymous Donor, who has pledged to provide a donation of $1500 if we get to $5000, may be getting nervous! Let’s keep him on edge.

Here’s another idea. “Add a Zero!” Just adding a zero to your financial pledge sounds non-threatening, right? For a $10 pledge, a zero could make it $100! A $50 donation turns into $500! How about $100, totallingt $1000?!!! Or $500 — no that’s taking it a little too far, maybe.

But know that whatever you can share will help us help the homeless on the streets of Pal Park; support the lunch program; strengthen the wage theft collection effort; encourage our ESL students; and much more.

And thanks!

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