Jose (Mario) Teletor identified

The homeless man who died recently in Palisades Park has been identified as Jose Teletor, also known as Mario. The community, led by his second cousin Santos Teletor and assisted by the CoFiA social services coordinator Angelica Martinez, contributed more than $4000 to send his body back to Guatemala. He is survived by his wife and a 14 year-old son. An article by Cheryl O’Brien of the RECORD was published on Thursday, December 29, 2016 (see below).

A funeral, held at the Presbyterian Church of New Jersey, 500 Broad Avenue in Palisades Park, was packed, according to people who attended. The pastor of the Spanish-speaking congregation led the service. Pastors from other churches that serve the Spanish-speaking members of the community were present as well.

Many people, including a representative from CoFiA, the Mayor and Administrator of the borough, several pastors, and members of the community are concerned about the ongoing situation of the homeless and are discussing ways to help them. So far no workable solutions have been found. One person has started a go-fund-me campaign to raise money but has not yet decided on the most useful way to target the funds. What is needed most is housing, or, temporarily, shelter somewhere in the borough. All suggestions or leads are welcome.


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