Many many thanks

This fall CoFiA set a fund-raising goal that was very high for us–$5000! An Anonymous Donor sweetened the pot by offering an additional $1500 if we could raise that amount.

We are very very happy to say that Mr. Anonymous Donor has to get his check book out! As of today, when we received a very generous grant of $2000, we have received $6514 in donations!

We are delighted not just because we will be able to continue and expand our work with these additional funds, but also because these gifts demonstrate that in the midst of what often seems like universal mean-spiritedness in our national discourse, many of us–many of you–are eager to show and share a spirit of generosity and inclusiveness. We are still grieving over the death of the young homeless worker, and over the fact that we cannot find a shelter for the others. But with all the concern that is being expressed, through these gifts and through your offers of other kinds of assistance, we believe we will find a miracle somehow during this holiday season.

Many blessings to all, and profound thanks.

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