CoFiA Activities continue

Even though we have had to temporarily suspend our lunch program at Grace Church in Palisades Park, the work of CoFiA continues. Several restaurants in the area are generously offering very inexpensive lunches to the workers on Mondays, costing us little more than we were spending on our own service (although not as much food). We have also been invited to hold meetings in the restaurants, which is a big help. Thank you, Palisades Park, for your support!

DSCF1802 And the regular work continues as well. On the Saturday after the Presidential Ban on immigrants from seven majority Muslim countries was announced, our Community Organizer, Sayda Tuanama, took a group of CoFiA worker-memnbers to Newark airport to join in the protest sponsored by the New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice, of which CoFiA is a member.NJAFIJ_Logo_sds

Napoleon receives his stolen wages Our wage theft committee stays busy as usual. Two people who recently won their claims returned to Guatemala before the checks arrived; the committee was able to send them on, to direct deposit in Guatemalan accounts. A $900 payment is a big help for a worker whose wife is ill.

50 Golf Court in the snow And of course our Workers Link program is much in demand with our freak snow storm. Many people now call us, or call a worker directly, for assistance.  Mutual benefits!

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