Such Generous Donors!

goal-met We are honored and humbled to report that our donors not only exceeded the goal we set in our fall campaign, but have continued to make very generous contributions. This is a confusing time for our small organization and even though we are not incurring major new expenses, we have not yet found a spot that we can call “Home.” Various churches have opened their doors to us for special meetings, etc., but if we are to continue the program we had been offering we need to find a place where we can have the lunch program as well as meeting space for our Saturday group, small wage theft meetings, spaces where we can offer educational programs (these are crucial now, with the future of immigration so much up in the air), and the individual counseling which takes so much of Angelica’s time.

Basically what we need is a place in Palisades Park between Palisades Ave. and Columbia, and between Broad and Grand. So please look around and see if there is something available! Thanks.

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