Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers gathered at Vitale's
Volunteer lunch 2016
Some of our faithful volunteers gathered at Vitale’s restaurant in Teaneck in February to discuss CoFiA’s current situation and brainstorm about what we all think are the most important things the organization can do. Many useful suggestions were made and several of these are already being acted on. Many thanks, friends!

Some specific tasks that we need volunteers for include assisting with the wage theft committee’s work (training will be provided); helping Angelica with the Workers Link program (this is one of our most important services); compiling a list of health care resources that the workers can use (Effie Giraldo, a nurse, is working on this and would be glad to have assistance); participating in a series of party/planning meetings for fund-raising (preferably 60% party, 40% planning!)–the first such event is already in the works; putting together a proposal for a homelessness prevention and remediation program in our area (this is technical but several people are already working on it and can provide specific information on what we need); helping with computer-related work like managing the web site, preparing brochures/flyers/tickets etc.; and helping out with the ESL classes both as subs when teachers are absent, and with promotion.

We also need to find better ways to assist individuals when they fall on hard times. One worker recently fell from the scaffolding on his job. He is badly disabled, and the process of trying to get the assistance to which he is entitled is long and frustrating. One of our members has been helping him as much as possible but the worker is discouraged and depressed. Having a friend who can offer support and encouragement would mean a lot! And there are many others who are always on the edge. Let us know if you can help–Spanish language is pretty important for this work.

And lots of other things! Let us know if you can help.

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