Leadership Development Classes

Angelica and Saydy

This summer staff and members of CoFiA have been participating in Leadership Training classes on Wednesday nights at the Palisades Park public library. Topics include Know Your Rights, Emergency Preparedness (for families possibly facing deportation who need to plan for caretaking for children if the parents are removed) and, in the next few weeks, Wage Theft (how to prevent, and how to collect).

In addition to staff members Angelica Martinez and Saydy Tuanama, participants have included various members of the “Saturday Group” of CoFiA members. This group meets regularly at a local Palisades Park restaurant, which has been very gracious in allowing us to have sessions there. DSCF1802

We will be presenting larger workshops for the public later in the summer and the fall. If you know individuals or families who need this important information, call Saydy at 201-561-4192 (Spanish) or Angelica at the the CoFiA number (201-598-2253 (Spanish or English) and let them know. We will send more details of time and place of the workshops as soon as possible.

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