Holiday Lunches

Bicycles PLUS helmets were welcome!

The lunch program on December 19 featured Guatemalan specialities from our friends at Esquina Chapina, plus many other holiday offerings. The volunteers and friends from the World Mission Church of First Presbyterian were as always there in full force, providing welcome hot soup and kimchi–much enjoyed by the Guatemalan workers! The Ethical Culture Society of Teaneck contributed 50 packets of warm gloves and socks–so welcome as we head into the cold winter weather. A member of CoFiA donated two bicycles, plus helmets, which were awarded by drawing tickets. And friends of World Mission Church donated large bags of rice–much appreciated! And everyone enjoyed the service led by Pastor Daniel, this week offered in Spanish (he also speaks Korean and English!), and Christmas carols in Spanish as well.

A warm and welcoming opportunity for friends who are too often found standing on street corners hoping for increasingly scarce work and, sadly, those who have no home. Our hearts ache for these men but we have not yet found anyway to help them secure safe housing, even in the midst of the wealthy towns of Bergen County. Please keep them in your thoughts and send along any suggestions you have to keep them safe this winter.

Chuchitas were a special treat
Our new home–First Presbyterian Church
winning a bicycle is exciting!
A new jacket is very welcome, especially if you are homeless.

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