What is “Sanctuary Everywhere?”

Sanctuary Everywhere is an initiative from the American Friends Service Committee that the Community of Friends in Action strongly supports. Our friends in the immigrant community are at constant risk of being picked up by ICE and deported. We think this idea–that all of us can provide some kind of sanctuary for those under threat by the authorities–is one that will give hope and practical help to some of these individuals and families.

AFSC describes the initiative in this way:
“Sanctuary Everywhere is the simple idea that everyday people can work together to keep each other safe. Sanctuary can mean taking someone into a congregation to protect them from deportation, but more broadly, it’s about the community coming together to protect targeted communities from state violence—including immigrants, people of color, targeted religious groups, or LGBTQ folks.

Here, you’ll find resources for individuals, schools, colleges, congregations, and communities to create safe, welcoming spaces for all people.

We hope to equip thousands of people with tools and training to stop hateful acts and to encourage policies and practices that promote safety and inclusion.

Watch our “Sanctuary Everywhere” video, and learn more.”

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