CoFiA Saturday Group met in Palisades Park

Delegados at Olivo Restaurant
The CoFiA Saturday group–Delegados–continues to meet about once a month at a restaurant in Palisades Park. At a recent meeting on a bitter Saturday night, Community Organizer Sayda Tuanama told the group about a planned upcoming OSHA training. OSHA certificates are especially important to the workers because, in addition to certifying that they have learned aspects of how to be safe on the job, the certificates provide a form of ID.

CoFiA member Norm Smith told the group about Project Homeless Connect, to be held at the homeless shelter in Hackensack on January 24. People who are homeless can go to the shelter on that day and receive haircuts, showers, some medical services, clean clothes, and more. Contact Sayda (201-561-4192) for more information.

One member of the group told of having met a homeless man on the street who was suffering from hypothermia and in bad shape. He called the police who took him to a hospital. We haven’t heard what happened next. Homelessness is a serious problem in Palisades Park. There is a small group of 6-12 people who are chronically homeless and to date have refused offers of help. Suggestions of how to reach out to them are more than welcome. We do provide sandwiches and hot coffee whenever possible, and many attend the lunch programs.


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